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The Boom

In the early 2010s, I joined the absolute powerhouse of a Toronto sketch troupe, The Boom. Hannan Younis, Desiree Lavoy, Deb Robinson, Dan Galea, Tim Dorsch, Jay Wells L'Ecuyer, Garrett Jamieson, Keith Pedro, Eytan Millstone and Robyn Palmer and I performed a monthly sketch show for consistently sold out sold out crowds at Toronto's The Supermarket and later, the Drake Underground. These shows were nothing short of a wild comedy party. It was loud and fast, and some of the most exhilarating performances of my life. Not only was Definition of Knowledge born here, but it taught me everything I know about acting and performance, as well as how to write for a crowd. Everyone in a Boom audience was there for a party first and a comedy show second, so you had to write big jokes that were easy to follow and give big performances that you could see from the back of the room. We performed with Canadian comedy legends like Scott Thompson, Colin Mochrie and Jack Layton. I'm proud to have shared a stage with all these guys, and prouder still to call them my friends.


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