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Rapp Battlez

For over 10 years, Miguel and Freddie Rivas have hosted Rapp Battlez, a one of a kind comedy show where comedians rap battle each other in character. Over the years, I've had the privilege of guesting dozens of times, including special shows like at the Guelph Comedy Festival, Montreal Sketchfest, JFL 42, Just For Laughs in Montreal and their 100th show at The Great Hall. This is pretty much the only "Character work" I do, and I'm proud to have been in such battles as "Frat Boy vs Frappe Boy", "Return of the Jedi vs Return Of The Mack", "A Huge Creep vs A Huge Crepe", "Time Traveler vs Blues Traveler", "Carrot Top vs Muffin Top", "Skee-Lo vs A Rabbit In A Hat With A Bat", and "Librarians vs Guys Watching Porn At The Library", just to name a few.


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